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Attachments Are Spiritual

We are spiritual beings and we connect on different levels. It starts out as a connection then it can develop into an attachment. As soon as you connect with someone intimately an attachment begins. When you trust someone with your heart, mind or body , or spirit an attachment begins. When you fall in love someone an attachment begins. A bond is binding. When the bond is spiritual it’s an attachment.

Be so careful who you begin attachments with. There is nothing more hurtful and harder than walking away and distancing yourself from someone or something you have an attachment to. Once attached the binding is solidified. Only God should fill the space where you love or trust with your heart mind and soul because that space, that love, that trust is meant for God first and always.

You know when someone or something is not good for you but it takes more strength than some of us have to walk away and distance from them. If you have the strength to walk away you will still carry the attachment and risk relapsing or going back to them. Also you risk replacing them with someone or something else not meant for you either. No matter how long it’s been it/they will cross your mind, temp you, You may miss it/them. You may still have love that could become anger or bitterness for it/them. Whatever the attachment is if you know in your heart you can never have this thing or person in your life again, the only way to free yourself is by the power of prayer and submission to God who can give you the strength to forgive, heal and deliver you from it/them. God is the source of our strength and power. These attachments are spiritual so you alone may not be able to walk away or distance yourself from the person or thing you have attached yourself to depending on the level or depth of the attachment.

To love God with all your heart min and soul is for your protection from attachments to things or people not meant for you.

To fear God is for your protection from temptations for things and people not meant for you.

Look at the commandments as more than rules look at them also as the way to have an everlasting life.

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