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Desensitized World

In the desensitized world we live in today there is no sympathy for anyone. Nobody cares and ain’t afraid to show it. In fact people boast about not caring or having no love/feelings more than anything. Why, because we have seen and been exposed to   the truth that pure evil, hate and cruelty exists on the regular. Everyone is woke and even the kids know fairytales don’t exist. But, the sad part is people thinking God is a fairytale too and that we don’t have to answer to anybody. Life is all about choices and if you don’t stand for what you believe in you’ll fall for anything. So don’t be surprised or complain about the consequences your dealt. Don’t look for sympathy nowadays because you won’t get it. “You live by the sword you die by the sword” and that’s the hardest truth to accept. My grandmommy used to tell me all the time “You make your bed hard you gon have to be the one to lay in it” I was hardheaded and had to find out the hard way a lot as a little girl. God saved me from more than I know. That’s why I don’t complain or point my finger at anybody. I know I’m blessed by more than I deserve. So out of “tough” love I have to say we need to tighten up family. Do what you can to take care of what’s important and let God take care or the rest. Speak your truth and stand on it. Be grateful always and count every blessing. Search for and hold on to every oz of love in your heart because nothing else lasts forever.

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